How to return your eyes clear view, to bleach the skin around the eyes?

In fact, the eyes are the reflection of our inner world: health, character, mood, thoughts and feelings. The glance of our eyes can be happy and sad, smart and stupid, angry and resentful, radiant , happy, and sadly, the healthy and the sick.

However, as corny as it may sound, even the most beautiful face adorns dull and tired look. And this impression create bruises or dark circles, emerging around the eyes. Before you answer the question "How to whiten skin around the eyes and regain youthful look?", it is necessary to investigate possible causes of changes color.

Prerequisites for the darkening of the skin in the eye area

  • diseases of internal organs;
  • poor and short sleep;
  • regular fatigue and frequent stress;
  • lack of vitamin C;
  • Smoking;
  • long stay at the computer;
  • habit before going to bed drink a lot of tea or coffee;
  • allergic reactions to pet hair, Cottonwood fluff, products, etc.;
  • age-related changes in the skin.

Whatever the cause of the circles or blue in the eye area, it is almost always possible to fix. For example, from bad habits to shy away, the power balance, work time and sleep monitor.

Why the skin around the eyes darkens

The skin surrounding the eye is a special area, it contains almost no oil glands and is much thinner than on other areas of the face. If the epidermis layer around the eyes blood circulation, the blood loses the necessary amount of oxygen. As a result, the capillaries with stagnant blood start shining under a thin skin. Moreover, at elevated Homo office, as well as with age, a deficit of moisture in the tissues adjacent to the eye area. If such violations take place, there are even more intense darkening of the skin.

Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes1

Dark circles and bruising can be bleached in terms of the beauty parlor. Unfortunately, the budget is not always stable, and free time at the present dynamic of life are expensive.

However, there is a way out — buy ready-made products, good selection of large. In the hope of improving the condition of skin, whether it is dark circles under the eyes or bruises, you should pay attention to their composition. Really good and effective tools will be those that contain in their composition the following components:

  • hyaluronic acid, which promotes proper blood circulation, and also solves the problem of moisture;
  • collagen is the main component of connective tissue responsible for skin elasticity;
  • caffeine improves metabolic processes in cells, normalizes water balance, tones the skin;
  • manganese normalizes the blood supply of capillaries and helps to lighten dark circles under the eyes and bruises;
  • green tea extract reduces swelling.

Folk remedies, tips and recipes against darkening of the skin in the eye area

Cosmetic ice made at home, a truly magical tool that can solve many skin problems. Herbal decoction is poured into molds and frozen. You should not prepare the children for the future, their effectiveness under the action of low temperatures is reduced. Enough twice a day to wipe ice cubes dark circles or shadows under the eyes. The most effective to whiten the skin under and above the eyes is a cosmetic ice, made from the strong brew of green tea and rice-water.

Potatoes, regardless of it raw or boiled, good lightens dark ugly circles in the eye area. This is sufficient under the eyes to put in a circle of raw potato or apply boiled in milk and mash the potatoes mass. Procedure which is performed lying down, lasts 20 minutes. Then the mask is removed by the water a comfortable temperature.

Small potato to release from the peel, chop on a fine grater, add 1 tsp heavy cream (can be any vegetable oil of good quality) and stir until smooth. The skin around the eyes carefully dry with a cloth dipped in vegetable oil, and then apply the prepared potato mixture. After 20 minutes the mask should be washed, preferably herbal or green tea.

Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes2

Another recipe with potatoes, which will help to lighten dark circles under the eyes. Small potato to clean, chop on a fine grater, add oatmeal and milk. All components are taken in equal proportions of approximately 0.5 tbsp. The resulting mass to cover the upper and lower eye area. After 20 minutes wash with cool water. After 3-4 treatments will be noticeable improvement in the color of the skin around the eyes.

Cheese is extremely effective against blue under the eyes. The product with sufficient moisture, mash with a fork until smooth and gently apply under the eyes for 20 minutes. Then the mask is removed, removing the remains wet cosmetic drive to saturation, you can use green or black tea.

Eye mask with whitening effect

The mask of walnuts will not only remove the dark rings under the eyes, and refresh the skin. The procedure for preparation and use: walnut Kernels crushed in a coffee grinder (2 tsp.), combine with 30 grams of heavy cream and 3-4 drops of lemon juice, mix thoroughly. Mask to cover the upper and lower eye area and leave for 20 min followed by wash with plain water at a comfortable temperature.

Mask of cucumber has always been considered effective in cases when it was required to whiten the skin. The skin around the eyes is a special area, but here, the cucumber was on top.

The procedure for preparation and use cucumber mask: ½ tbsp crushed to a pulp of cucumber to combine with the same quantity of chopped parsley and sour cream, mix into a single mass. Apply under eyes and leave for 20 minutes. Then the mask should be removed with plenty of water.

Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes3

Mask of parsley for its unique whitening action, its use helps to not only make dark circles and bruises are hardly noticeable, but to remove fatigue from his eyes and to moisturize the skin.

The procedure for preparation and use: 1 tbsp finely chopped parsley (good for leaves and stem) RUB with 1 tbsp heavy cream (for butter) to form a creamy shape. The mask is applied before going to sleep on the upper and lower eye area is delicate to drive. Skin whitening will be noticeable after 3-4 treatments.

The most important thing in combating black circles and bruises is a good blood supply to the skin.

More sleep (at least 8 hours), walk in the fresh air, not to neglect physical activity, include in your diet tomatoes, red peppers, citrus fruits, raspberries, drink a decoction of rose hips. Those products containing a high content of vitamin C, responsible for strong blood vessels. Love and respect yourself, look at the world with a radiant look. Let dark circles around the eyes will never remind about itself.