Massage from Ukuko Tanaka for facial rejuvenation

The correct technique of facial massage Granny Ukuko Tanaka gave his granddaughter inherited. However, the very Ukuko made this technique even more refined, adding her own studies on the anatomy of the facial muscles, the location of the bone tissue and the lymphatic system.

Their works Ukuko Tanaka published in the book "facial Massage", which was a real gift for all women who wish to prevent the inevitable signs of aging, get rid of the impending of wrinkles and tidy up the oval of the face.

The principle of operation and the effect of massage Cogan

In comparison with other cosmetic techniques, Japanese tech manual exposure has three main differences:

  • During the massage at the same time involve all layers of the dermis and muscle layer;
  • A combination of point influences with your fingers and evenly pressing the entire surface of the palms improves blood circulation in skin cells;
  • The lymphatic system is also well studied with the help of this massage. Improves lymph flow in the vessels and nodes as well as aktiviziruyutsya the process of removing toxic substances and fluid retention.

Massage according to the method of Cogan on a regular basis provides the skin a powerful healing effect

  • Reduction of swelling of the face and skin around the eyes;
  • A fresh, beautiful complexion;
  • More smart oval face, significant reduction in age-related sagging contour – fold;
  • Smoothing out as planned, and over old wrinkles;
  • Strengthening the vascular system and the muscular system of the face;
  • Increase the elasticity and firmness.

Who can not apply Cogan?

Like any other chiropractic technique, massage Asahi has a number of contraindications for use:

  • Disruption of normal functioning of the lymphatic system;
  • Diseases affecting the ENT organs, as well as colds and runny nose;
  • A tendency to rosacea manifestations;
  • Acne, allergic rashes and acne.

You should note that one of the effects of this massage is slimming person. Girls who have already sunken cheeks, you have to consider that this characteristic can give a person more tired and sad. In this case, the massage should be performed with caution, focusing mainly on the forehead and the top of the cheekbones.

Who needs a massage Asahi?

Japanese massage is shown not only to eliminate already existing problems, but also as a preventive measure against their occurrence. The main indications for massage therapy are:

  • The first wrinkles and creases on the skin;
  • Weakened tone of the skin;
  • The second chin, drooping facial contour and crease;
  • Swelling and the presence of excess fat.

Rules massage techniques ZOG

The Creator of the technique Ukuko Tanaka points to the need for compliance with all principles and features of this type of massage. Be sure to pay attention to the percentage of the subcutaneous adipose tissue and, if it is small, all manipulations should be performed with caution.

Massage Asahi characterized by the following principles, which will ensure comfort and the correctness of the procedure:

  • The massage is done only on purified from cosmetics to the skin. To accelerate the process of cell renewal you can use once a week special scrub;
  • To massage for the best sliding on the face of the need to apply cosmetic oil or cream. If this is not done, the movements of massage can have a traumatic and stretching effect on the layers of the epidermis. It is also important not to overdo it as this could trigger puffiness. The selected tool should be hypoallergenic, after the procedure you should wet cloth.
  • During the massage ZOG is important to maintain the correct position of the spine. The Creator of the technique advises you to perform massage in a sitting or standing position with straight back. Also massage can be performed lying on a horizontal surface.
  • One of the principles of effective massage Asahi is the regularity of procedures. This technique is suitable for everyday use. In the presence of a swelling conduct a massage session better in the morning. To start, a massage can do for 5 minutes, then time should be gradually increased to 25 minutes. The first improvement is manifest after two or three weeks of daily treatments.
  • One of the main features of Japanese massage is the direct stimulation of the lymphatic system. For the proper performance self massage should be familiar with the anatomical location of lymph nodes on the face and neck.

During the massage technique ZOG must follow these rules:

  • All movements through specific exercises should be performed in one direction;
  • Forehead massage movements must be done with the help of the index, middle and ring finger. The area around the eyes gently stimulate with one finger. Cheeks and facial contour worked the entire surface of the palms and thumbs;
  • The fingers should move fairly rapidly, but no pain when it shouldn't be. Pain is a signal of violation of the right technology massage;
  • During the study of the skin in the lymphatic system pressure must be somewhat lower;
  • It is very important to keep your back straight while performing this massage. Carry out the procedure can be standing or sitting. You can also try to massage and lying on your back, however it is not very convenient;

The average massage should take 7 to 20 minutes. Massage the Japanese technique should be done daily for the quickest results.

The technology of Japanese massage

Massage technique ZOG consists of several basic techniques that serve different purposes and help to achieve certain effects.

Massage, Yukuko Tanaka for facial rejuvenation1 The main motion

Each exercise is a Japanese massage must be completed by the main movement. Our fingertips need to make a smooth movement starting from the ears and following the sides of the cheeks to the clavicle region. The basic movement should be done three times.

Massage, Yukuko Tanaka for facial rejuvenation2 Exercise to combat swelling in the area around the eyes

Following direction from the outer edge to the inner eye you need to make a smooth movement. Reaching the bridge of the nose to pause for a couple seconds and then back to the outer corner, moving in an arc under the eyebrow. Stop for 3 seconds, and loosened the pressure to continue the movement to the interior, gliding on the lower eyelid. Increasing the pressure to go back to the outer part of the region under the eyes. Then you need to gently put pressure on the temporal lobe and in the end to perform a basic motion.

Massage, Yukuko Tanaka for facial rejuvenation3 Exercise for wrinkles in the forehead

First you need to gently push the nameless, index and middle finger on the center of the forehead for three seconds. Then keeping the same pressure to move to the temples on a zigzag path. To deploy the palm and to do to end the exercise.

Massage, Yukuko Tanaka for facial rejuvenation4 Exercise to raise the corners of the lips

The padded ring and middle finger to do not strong pressing on the center of the chin. Then make a smooth circular motion along the contour of the lips. Reaching the depression on the upper lip to pause for 4 seconds.

Exercise for smoothing out nasolabial folds

This exercise is performed with the help of middle fingers of both hands. Movement starts in a circle on the wings of the nose up and down. Then, using your middle and ring finger to make the movement in the direction of the school. To complete the exercise in the underlying action.

Exercise to prevent sagging of facial contours and cheeks

To start the movement from the center of the chin with three working fingers. To move toward the outer edges of the eyes and stay there for three seconds. Then continue smooth movement to the temporal region. At the end to perform basic exercise.

Exercise to improve the tone in the cheeks and lower face

Massage manipulations are carried out first on one side. With his left hand, you need to create emphasis in the jaw bone on the left. At the same time right need the whole plane of the palm to make the move from the angle of the jaw to the inner part of the eye. To stop for 3 seconds and then continue to the temporal region on the lower eyelid. Then lower down and perform the basic movement. To carry out three repeats on each side of the face.

Exercise to strengthen the inner frame of the cheeks

Three main finger pressed to the center of the back of the nose, and then start moving in the direction of the temples. To perform basic exercise.

Preventive exercise against sagging cheeks

Folded hands so that your elbows and wrists were pressed to each other. Open palm applied to the lips. Then raise them to your nose so that they lay across his cheeks. The motion must be accompanied by a moderate pressure. To stay in this position for three seconds, after which to make the hands move up to his temples. To perform the last exercise.

Exercise against double chin

With one palm you need to make pressing down on the middle of the chin, and then continue in the direction of aurem tragus. To complete the basic exercise.

Exercise for clearing the skin And area

Thumbs attach to the chin, and the rest fold on the wings of the nose. To make pressure with simultaneous stretching of the skin. To stay three seconds in this position and make a basic exercise.

With proper and regular fulfilling of all the massage exercises it is possible to remove a dozen years, to make the skin young, beautiful and healthy, and improve facial features. Great attention should be paid to the observance of all rules and precise movements, as breaches can lead to the opposite effect and cause premature sagging of the tissues.

It is important to perform all manipulations massage with plenty of oil or cream. Is also important accurate movement is for the lymphatic system. If all actions are done correctly, in a short time the facial skin will appreciate its tone and fresh look.