Rejuvenating mask for face with honey — the best recipes in the home

This product includes a lot of nutrients that can improve skin condition. It will become more healthy and elastic. Honey has a number of useful properties:

  1. Penetrates well into the structure of the dermis, nourishes it with moisture and prevents the process of emerging from the cells. Through this it is possible to maintain a good level of hydration, which helps keep her youth.
  2. Mask with the contents of this product can absorb contamination. That is why they have gentle cleansing properties.
  3. Med is actively used for rejuvenation of the dermis. This is due to a pronounced firming and toning properties of the product.
  4. Through the use of tools able to cope with pimples and post-acne. This is due to the pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.
  5. Cosmetic products containing honey are suitable for all skin types. Dry dermis this product is perfectly moisturised, and fat – will give a matte finish.
  6. Honey copes well with dry and cracked lips.
It is important to note that honey possesses allergic properties. Intolerance to this product it is better to abandon its use for cosmetic purposes.

Application rules

To rejuvenating masks from wrinkles brought only benefit, you need to adhere to a set of rules:

  • Before applying med should conduct a thorough pore cleansing. If the dermis will remain contaminated, there is a risk of falling into its structure of pathogenic bacteria.
  • You can use fresh compounds. To hold funds is prohibited.
  • If the ingredients have eggs or milk, it is recommended to give preference to domestic products.
  • For the application of masks and creams you should make a careful massage movements. The dermis should act very carefully to avoid damage. In the area of the eye composition is applied in a thin layer. Zone of the eyelashes should be avoided.
  • If the facility has a liquid texture, it is convenient to apply on a paper napkin. This will help avoid spreading of the substance on the skin.
  • Warm the honey during the preparation of the composition is not necessary, since during heat treatment there is the risk of loss of vitamins and even the synthesis of harmful compounds.
  • The average duration of exposure of such masks is 20 minutes. The duration of treatment is not recommended to increase as there is a risk of occurrence of allergies. Moreover, the permanent features of the mask crystallization that will create difficulties with painless removal.
  • During a session you need to relax.
  • Remedies with honey it is allowed to apply not more 3 times a week.
  • For washing away the remnants of honey you can use cool water. For this purpose, use cotton pads and wipes.
  • To remove the mask, you can use thawed or to stand water.
  • After removal composition is useful to apply a nourishing cream.

Healthy recipes

To find the best rejuvenating masks from wrinkles, is to analyze your skin condition and determine its type.

Facial rejuvenation honey1


The combination of honey and cinnamon produces a stimulating effect. This mask helps to activate blood circulation and supply of oxygen to the epithelium.

It can be used for different skin types. But particularly useful remedy for the first symptoms of aging.

To make a therapeutic product, simply mix 1 small spoon of honey and cinnamon powder. The mistress of dry skin it is useful to put in the 1 small spoon olive oil.

Apply recommended massaging gently, paying attention to the face and neck. The composition of the need to keep 20 minutes, then wash with cool water.


This rejuvenating face mask from wrinkles nourishes the epithelium of vitamins and minerals. The yolk includes nutrients and protein has a dry impact. Thanks to the use of this composition manages to smooth out the dermis, making it more radiant.

To obtain a useful composition, you need to take 1 egg and mix with a small spoon of honey. In the result it is necessary to obtain a uniform consistency. The resulting composition can treat the face and chest area.

It is important to apply the composition immediately after manufacture. 20 minutes later, should wash in cold water.

With lemon

This face mask with honey at home to rejuvenate has a pronounced refreshing effect. Lemon produces noticeable whitening effect. The systematic use helps to cope with age-related pigmentation, make the face more radiant and cope with fine lines.

It is important to note that the owner of very dry skin, this composition is better not to use because it has a pronounced dry action.

To obtain a useful product, you need to mix 2 small spoons of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of honey. Instead of juice, you can apply the pulp of citrus fruit. Ready to distribute, focusing on the direction of massage lines. It is important to avoid areas around the eyes. Half an hour later the composition can be washed with cool water.

With sour cream

These ingredients affect the dermis a marked nourishing and rejuvenating effect. These products are necessary acids that contribute to wrinkles, and help to cope with sagging dermis. The systematic use could improve cellular respiration, causing the face will become fresh and beautiful shade.

For the manufacture of a useful product the ingredients are mixed in equal parts. Housewives dry derma should take quite fat sour cream.

The finished part need to treat the face and neck. It is also useful to lubricate the skin. After 20 minutes the product can be removed with cool water.

Facial rejuvenation honey2

With oatmeal

This composition is recommended to apply in the winter, because it helps to cope with a dull shade of dermis, remove dryness and flaking. The beneficial characteristics of honey and softening properties of oatmeal help to the result is soft and glowing skin.

For the preparation of composition useful to mix 1 big spoon of honey and cereal. In the end it should be a sticky consistency.

The mask is easily applied to the dermis, you should choose small flakes.

The finished part need to treat face and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash your face thoroughly, using water of contrasting temperatures.

With the yolk

This tool is ideal to use for Mature skin that needs nourishment and moisturizing. The use of such drugs makes a person more well-groomed and young. With their help, you can obtain a comfortable feeling.

To make the mask, you need to connect 1 small spoon of honey with egg yolk.

The ingredients should be mixed carefully to achieve a homogeneous texture. The finished composition treated skin of face and neckline. The product is applied to cleansed epithelium for 20 minutes.


This helps to make the skin perfect. It has strong cleansing and nutritional characteristics, giving the skin a beautiful color. After application of the face becomes more velvety.

For making masks need to combine honey with milk in the ratio 1:2. As a result, need to obtain the most homogeneous mass. The composition will have a fairly liquid consistency, because for its application apply a cotton pad.

The substance should be applied in a thin layer. It dries out quickly, therefore it is recommended to add the product on your face. After 20 minutes the mask rinse well. In conclusion, it is recommended to wash in cold water.

Facial rejuvenation honey3


Facial masks with honey for rejuvenation are allowed to use not always. This product possesses allergic properties. Because people who are prone to allergies, have to refuse such funds.

If earlier symptoms, no pathology was necessary to test for sensitivity. This little composition is applied to the inner wrist area. If after a quarter of an hour suspicious symptoms did not appear, the tool can be applied to the face.

In addition to allergic reactions, the main constraints on the use of honey masks include the following:

  • Diabetes mellitus;diabetes mellitus
  • The dilated vessels on the face;
  • Increased growth of hair on the face;
  • Sprocket;
  • Bronchial asthma.

Honey masks are highly efficient and have a pronounced rejuvenating effect. However, it is important to use these tools correctly, clearly adhering to the dosage and duration of the session.