How to apply cream on the face right?

The art of being beautiful – is a science, which is very difficult to explore thoroughly. But despite this, there are certain rules that every girl should know. Order face remained young and well maintained, it should be cleaned at least several times a day. In the morning you need to wash off the grease and dust, gathered for the night, in the evening to remove makeup.

How to apply the cream on the face1

Usually for this purpose use special foam to wash and means facere-usque aufero. Then the skin applied a soothing lotion or toner that regulates the skin's pH. Only after using the previous procedures, you can ask the question: how to apply the cream on the face?

These different creams

The beauty industry is not standing still, and almost every day on the shelves, there are various cosmetic products for skin care. There is a huge amount of funds, which differ by purpose, according to the skin type for which they are intended, the composition (based on water, alcohol or oil). In order to answer the question of how to apply the cream on the face, it is necessary to first determine the type of cosmetics that will be used.

Nourishing and moisturizing cream

This cosmetic product like cream, used mostly in the winter, when skin is most exposed to low temperatures, and the body lacks minerals and vitamins. Moisturizing the skin should the skin in summer. There are many creams, and the choice depends on personal preference. It is important that whichever product from this range you choose, you must know how to apply the cream on the face correctly to get the maximum benefit.

First and foremost, if remedy has been used for the first time, need to do sensitivity test. Thus, you need to protect yourself from an allergic reaction on the surface of the face. It is important to choose day or night cream according to skin type, because if on oily skin apply the cream to dry (which contains a lot more lipid components), then after a few hours the Shine will skyrocket. Is not desirable to apply the product on entire face, as a rule, you only need to moisturize problem areas (skin around the eyes, neck), and the remaining parts have to breathe. Beauticians also believe that we need to apply the cream to the face not later than an hour before going outside.

The direction of applying day and night creams

Nourishing and moisturizer is applied with your fingertips, Pat. In order to make it easier to distribute, apply the first point to certain areas (cheekbones, forehead, nose, chin) and then spread it all over his face. So it's easier to navigate with the direction of movement. On the forehead and chin apply the cream from the middle to the sides, nose down, from nose to cheekbone. Application of the cream should be like a mini-massage, this will allow the skin to stay well-groomed and toned. If it will be applied another cosmetic product, for example face powder, before applying the second one you have to wait about 10 minutes, until the cream is absorbed. If you do not maintain the required gap is not absorbed by the medium will mix with dust and clog the pores, the skin will not breathe, which can result in acne.


Why do you need this cream? In the first place in order to disguise minor flaws, in addition, it is possible to adjust the tone of the face and highlight on certain areas to make it more proportional. It is important to know how to apply Foundation cream on the face, because improper application of the face becomes like a mask. First the skin, of course, you need to clean, then you can apply a makeup base or day cream and let it soak, so "tone" will stay longer. There are several methods of application: brush, sponge or hands. The choice of one or another depends on the expected result for the more dense layer use a brush or a dry sponge for a more subtle it is best to use the right fingers to adjust the thickness of a layer is much easier.

Put "tone"

So, how to apply Foundation on face? The cream is distributed from the center to the sides, and in any case in the opposite direction. In addition, if a nutrient and moisturizer are applied to clap, in this case, it is necessary to do circular motion, this is not much to pull the skin. You also need to know how to apply Foundation cream to face morning and evening, because there's certain tricks. The fact that lighting plays a very important role when using the tool. The brighter the light, the more it is seen, therefore, important to pay attention to the edges of the face, which sometimes appears a clear line of transition, it is necessary to shade. Test apply makeup both in daylight and under artificial lighting, while not exactly to be various confusion.

How to apply the cream on the face2

How to apply the cream on the eye area

The area around the eyes is the most delicate and prone to wrinkling. It in any case, do not RUB or pull. The skin is so sensitive that the slightest wrong influence can create a couple of extra wrinkles. We learned how to apply concealer on the face, however the area around the eyes requires special attention. Any cream should be applied in a circle from the top corner, next to century and down. Reverse movement: bottom-up leads to wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes. Absolutely does not matter if the concealer gets on the lashes, after applying mascara it will not be visible, and the lashes are more voluminous.

Basic mistakes when applying the cream

Many do not know, what for application it is necessary to use a warm cream, so it is faster absorbed. To do this, a small drip on the back region of the hand (it is slightly warm) and then with fingertips apply to the face. Especially this rule applies to creams, hand-made and stored in the fridge. Also, many cosmetologists say that not in a hurry to apply the cream. The person whose photo presented above, illustrates how it might look to the skin with improper care. Movement on the skin should be performed strictly along the massage lines, and then wrinkles for a long time will not bother you.

It is also important that before going outside not less than an hour you need to apply a moisturizer. The person who is subjected to sudden temperature changes, experiencing stress, and collagen fibers to lose elasticity. It is very important to withstand a period of time to absorb.

How to apply the cream on the face3

A huge number of errors young girls admit when applying "Foundation". And if moisturizer if used improperly gives no cosmetic defects, the Foundation is very noticeable even the "untrained eye". It is important to know how to apply concealer on the face. The photo above shows what movements distributed Foundation. Tone cream should match the tone of the face and the edges and the neck must be carefully shaded so that the line of transition was almost unnoticeable. The basis on which is made the Foundation cream is also important and must match the skin type. For oily and combination it is recommended to use cream with alcohol, dry more suitable tools on the basis of various oils.