Mask from turmeric (Indian saffron) for youth eyes

This is a known spice that has a rich orange color and is widely used in cooking and in cosmetics, too. About it we already wrote in the article 10 recipes with turmeric and shared tips and recipes using turmeric in masks for the face.

But today we will focus on the delicate skin, which is located in the area of our eyes. We have repeatedly stressed that this skin requires particularly thorough and very careful care. And here we are talking about spices!

Mask from turmeric for rejuvenation around the eyes1

Recall again that the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, devoid of subcutaneous fat layer, it is poorly developed capillary network, supplying the cells with oxygen and nutrients. So this skin is often dry, scaly, quickly covered with wrinkles and dark.

Why do we stop on this note? Yes, because choosing one or another skin care around the eyes, you need to be very careful not to harm its beauty. Especially if you want to try something exotic, such as Indian saffron. Indeed, turmeric has many nutrients, which have antioxidant and rejuvenating effects on our body including on the skin, so it is increasingly applied at home masks for skin care face and even around the eyes.

What is turmeric good for skin the eyes?

Say that this spice is a good rejuvenator, restoring skin firmness and elasticity. The use of masks with turmeric prevents the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, hinders the process of skin aging, helps to bleach age spots and remove dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

Mask from turmeric for rejuvenation around the eyes2

Treatments with turmeric is recommended in young and in adulthood.

According to some laboratory studies of the properties of saffron Indian say that its cosmetic and therapeutic effect for the skin has already been proven and perhaps more will be widely used in cosmetics.

If you look at the composition of spices, we will see that it includes those substances which somehow beneficial for our skin:

  • vitamin C makes the skin elastic;
  • vitamin E (tocopherol) – rejuvenates;
  • b vitamins – improves metabolic processes, protects from bacteria and refreshes the epidermis;
  • vitamin K (phylloquinone) — whitens dark skin under the eyes;
  • iron — promotes blood circulation;
  • iodine is a great antiseptic;
  • calcium – gives silkiness and smoothness to the epidermis;
  • phosphorus gives elasticity to skin;
  • essential oils help the metabolism in tissues and cells.
Mask from turmeric for rejuvenation around the eyes3

Mask with turmeric is not safe

  • We should not delude ourselves that such a number of Goodies from radically refresh and tighten the skin around the eyes. First, in masks for skin eye Indian saffron is added in minimal quantities, and secondly, the penetration of vitamins and microelements into the dermis is very small. Therefore, the immediate effect should not wait, but regular facial rejuvenation around the eyes with turmeric, not less than 2 times a week will help your skin to look younger.
  • Always remember that turmeric is a spice and it contains substances that can act on the skin quite aggressively. And if in cooked dishes, they give a piquancy and poignancy, for the skin, this can result in strong irritation. So add spice to mask strictly on prescription and conduct a pre-test for the skin.
Test: as you move turmeric. If you already have a tendency to irritation, peeling around the eyes and allergic reactions, then you better look for other means to care.Be sure to put turmeric on the skin of the wrist for 20-30 minutes and observe the reaction of the skin: is there itching, redness and irritation. It is best to repeat such practice 5-7 times a week, to be absolutely confident in the security of this spice for your eyes.
  • For reviews, when using masks with turmeric has one nice little thing: this spice can greatly stain your skin, and you can get yellow eye for a long time is not washed off circles – this is especially pronounced in women with very pale skin. For brown and black it's not scary, but white skin you need to approach the process of rejuvenation of saffron carefully.
  • The skin around the eyes is not stained, listen to these tips:
  • In the mask, add only ½ the amount of turmeric specified in the recipe.
  • Other components, on the contrary, it can be a little add.
  • The duration of the mask is reduce to 8-10 minutes.
  • If you still found under the eyes light yellowing wash your face with a mixture made from crushed cereal and yogurt, or soak it with cotton and apply to the eyes for five minutes.
  • In any case, the yellowing will go away within days, but more use of spice is not necessary, there are many other mask to rejuvenate the eye area, such as a potato or cucumber.
  • And one more word of caution: choosing this spice, assess its quality, do not use powder of unknown origin, with a strange taste and smell and without the instructions of the manufacturer.

How to apply mask to the skin around the eyes properly

The mask around the eyes, apply with light effleurage movements and in no case do not RUB into skin.

During the procedure, it is best to lie to not only relax, but also to give the composition to flow over the cheeks.

In the recipes it is recommended that the duration of the mask in 10-15 minutes, but if you feel burning or itching, reduce the effect of the product, or choose other mask for rejuvenation of the eyelids.

Mask rinse with clean water and do this carefully to prevent irritation.

The usual course of turmeric masks: 10-12 masks 1-2 treatments per week.

Tips on making masks with turmeric

  1. It is best to mix turmeric powder with other shaped components, like baking soda or flour, and then add liquid (infusion of herbs, water, milk, yogurt, sour cream, juice).
  2. Water for cultivation of masks take filtered or mineral water without gas, as well, and all other home recipes. Even better to use cosmetic ice, which is added to the mixture and melts naturally, this gives the composition of softness and effectiveness.
  3. If you use oil or honey pre-heat them in a water bath, and then add in the prepared mask with turmeric.
  4. It is very important to whip the mask, as if in the mix you'll leave the lumps, they cause skin irritation and, in addition, can form bright yellow spots due to the large concentration of coumarin (pigment of this spice). Most suitable for to knock the Corolla.
  5. By the way, do not take the metal whisk and the capacity to mask to avoid oxidation of the composition.
  6. Mask with turmeric do thick that the mixture did not flow and did not get on mucous membranes of the eyes.
  7. When cooking with turmeric masks, use gloves and tissue paper, can severely stain your skin and clothes.
  8. Prepare fresh each time, as if storing properties is lost.