Fractional laser rejuvenation - what is it?

The older the person, the more active the processes of skin aging. As a result, the dermis becomes stretched, wrinkled and flabby. Some women resign themselves to this, others zealously resist age-related changes, resorting to plastic surgery or various non-surgical methods of facial rejuvenation. The latter methods are the most popular, since at the same time they give good results, delaying the onset of old age to the maximum and are non-traumatic. The nanoperforation procedure is especially famous today.

fractional skin rejuvenation with a laser procedure

What is it?

Laser fractional rejuvenation really helps in the fight against age-related changes and gives a long-term effect. The mechanism of work consists in the formation of perforations on the skin: microscopic foci (so-called healing zones) of a certain depth and diameter. Cells that come under the laser beam instantly die, and their "neighbors" begin to intensively regenerate in order to compensate for the loss. As a result, old cellular structures are replaced with healthy and young ones, with a sufficient content of elastin and collagen.

The fact that the laser acts not with a solid spot, but with a kind of mesh, thereby leaving some areas of the epidermis intact, makes the procedure quite comfortable, and the subsequent recovery period as short as possible, from 2 to 5 days. The number of photo sessions is determined individually, depending on the degree of damage to the dermis. But, as a rule, the full course is 4-6 sessions, between which a break of 3-4 weeks must be taken without fail.

As for soreness, cosmetologists answer this frequently asked question as follows. After rejuvenation of the face, slight discomfort may be felt on the skin for a while. However, according to their own statements, the degree of his trouble is completely incomparable with the pain that occurs after such alternative methods as microdermabrasion, chemical peeling or conventional laser resurfacing.

What effect to expect?

The results of laser rejuvenation are noticeable after the first procedure, but the improvement will be fully appreciated only after the end of the entire course. During this time, it is guaranteed to achieve the following effects:

  • smoothing of wrinkles, structural folds;
  • tightening the skin and increasing its turgor;
  • pore narrowing;
  • decrease in the severity of the vascular network of rosacea;
  • elimination of scars, stretch marks, scars;
  • getting rid of age spots, freckles, red spots, post-acne;
  • the appearance of a sharper outline;
  • evens out the tone of the face and gives it a healthy look.

If you follow all the instructions left by the specialist, careful and at the same time gentle skin care, the results of fractional rejuvenation will last for a long time - often over 5 years. But even in this case, cosmetologists advise not to relax, but to repeat the procedure once a year, while this is not a whole course, but a single session.

Who is fractional photothermolysis indicated for?

Laser facial rejuvenation procedure has no age restrictions. It can be used by both very young girls who want to get rid of, for example, the effects of acne, and women of mature age, whose skin, due to senile processes, has lost its former elasticity and firmness. Also indications are:

  • gravity wrinkles;
  • ptosis, sagging (excess epidermis) in the cheeks, eyelids, chin, décolleté, earlobes;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • enlarged pores;
  • scars, striae;
  • vascular formations;
  • poor dermis tone and texture.

What are the contraindications?

Despite the fact that fractional laser rejuvenation is not an invasive method, the procedure still implies a serious interference with the cellular metabolism of the skin, and therefore it must and must have contraindications. This:

  • dermatoses of various etiologies;
  • predisposition to the formation of keloid scars;
  • presence of malignant / benign formations;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • acute infections, inflammations;
  • dysfunction of the immune system;
  • pathologies associated with metabolic disorders, in particular, diabetes mellitus;
  • epilepsy;
  • thromboembolism.

Fractional rejuvenation is also contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, if the sunburn is very fresh or fillers have been injected recently (less than 3 months ago).

photo before and after fractional laser rejuvenation

How is the procedure going?

Before fractional laser rejuvenation, the client's facial skin is cleansed of cosmetics and impurities accumulated during the day. An anesthetic is then applied to the intended treatment area. The duration of its action is at least 40 minutes, while the whole procedure takes about half an hour. After carefully examining the cover, then the specialist enters the appropriate data into the laser, after which he begins to process the areas of the epidermis in certain sectors. At the end of the session, the client's dermis is soothed with a cream.

It is worth warning: immediately after leaving the office, the lifting effect will not be noticeable. On the contrary, the cover may turn slightly red and even swell. But you do not need to be afraid of this, since these phenomena are an acceptable norm. After 2-3 days, the dermis will completely recover, and the improvement process will not take long to wait, especially if all the prescriptions of the aesthetic doctor are followed flawlessly. For example, in order not to damage the young, fragile epidermis, for a while it is worth giving up peeling, sunburn. In the meantime, the skin does not acquire its usual color, it is recommended to take multivitamin complexes and wash only with boiled water.

before and after fractional skin rejuvenation with a laser

Fractional Laser Reviews

  • Review # 1. “I love to watch my photos before and after losing weight. But along with the loss of extra pounds, I also lost my former elasticity. The face because of this began to look haggard and unattractive. Fractional photothermolysis helped me to tighten the dermis and make it elastic again. With it, facial rejuvenation is guaranteed, which means the return of confidence too. So I join all the reviews honoring the technique. "
  • Review # 2. “By the age of 35, I already had quite large wrinkles, especially in the area of the nasolabial fold. Therefore, when I was offered to undergo a course of thermolysis, I did not even count on high results, and so it came out at first. The first 3 days there were no improvements in the condition and appearance. The skin turned a little red, and on the second day it even began to peel off. But then my skin changed from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Her tone became absolutely even, beautiful. The face became pleasant to touch and stroke. She no longer had those awful wrinkles that obviously betrayed my age. Dear women, do not be afraid, the lifting effect is simply amazing. "
  • Review # 3. “I would never have gone to laser rejuvenation myself, if not for my girlfriend. She resorts to it every year and always looks fresh and well-groomed. I dreamed about it too, but I did not dare. Until one day a friend, almost dragging by the sleeve, brought me to her beautician for a consultation. He gave a detailed description of how and how the treatment with Fraxel is carried out, what should alert after, and what is the norm. He also asked about some conditions of the body in order to exclude contraindications. As a result, I went through fractional RF-rejuvenation and do not regret it a bit. The skin is now as firm and healthy as it was 5-7 years ago. "
  • Review # 4. “I had complexes for a very long time due to the presence of age spots on the neck and face. No cosmetic and folk remedies saved. Therefore, in the summer, when the situation worsened at times, I practically did not leave the house. A friend advised me to take a course of photothermolysis with a special laser. The lifting effect was not required at my age (I am 23), but the promises about equalizing the tone and eliminating hyperpigmentation were quite tempting. And voila: after 4 sessions, everything I dreamed of came true. The color has become perfect, without a single "blot"! My review: the method is beyond praise. "
  • Review # 5. “When I thought about rejuvenating my face with a factional apparatus, I began to read all the reviews available on the Internet. Most of the comments were positive and this is clearly the merit of experienced specialists. I also decided on the procedure, it did not last long - about 20-25 minutes. I did not feel pain, only a slight tingling sensation. When the anesthesia stopped working (at that time I was already halfway home), the skin turned red. I had to urgently smear her with a soothing cream. Either the cream helped, or the side effect itself disappeared, but the next day the redness subsided, and everything began to slowly recover, the old cells were replaced with new ones. "
  • Review # 6. “For facial rejuvenation with a laser to give a lasting lifting and general healing effect, one procedure is not enough. Therefore, girls, ask your esthetician in advance about the number of sessions in order to calculate the costs. Also adhere (I am speaking from personal experience) to all the instructions of a specialist. This will help the skin recover faster and become as taut and even as possible. "
reviews and photos before and after fractional laser skin rejuvenation

Overview of advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages:

  • efficiency (face rejuvenation, getting rid of blemishes in the form of spots, post-acne, scars, rosacea and other imperfections is guaranteed);
  • safety (in fact, the procedure is directed heating with infrared rays, it "works" like the sun);
  • relative painlessness (compared to alternative methods, fractional thermolysis does not cause pain even in people with a low threshold of sensitivity);
  • the shortest period of rehabilitation (the fact that the laser hits the skin with a mesh, and not a spot, makes the procedure less traumatic, the cells are renewed in just a couple of days);
  • versatility (photo session is suitable for any type of dermis).

Disadvantages include the following:

  • a decent list of contraindications (and you have to put up with this, because, ignoring this aspect, side effects can be the most unpredictable);
  • high cost (like any innovative technique, fractional photothermolysis cannot be cheap, especially since expensive Italian or American lasers are often used to carry it out);
  • multiple sessions (you must go through at least 3-4 procedures, and even at intervals).

Comparing the pros and cons, we can conclude: you need to resort to the method, having found a highly qualified specialist in advance. Only he will help to rejuvenate competently, without harming health and skin, and get rid of many imperfections. And although cosmetologists assure that the procedure has no age restrictions, if the goal is to achieve a lifting effect, then it should not be resorted to before the age of 30, when the dermis cells are still able to independently fight sluggish senile processes.