How to slow down the aging of facial skin: 8 options to apply

Aging of the skin, like the entire human mechanism, is an inevitable process. Over time, a person's capabilities decrease, the mechanism weakens and “wears out”. All internal changes are often strongly reflected externally. It is the skin that reflects the first stages of aging. It becomes lethargic, less elastic, atrophies, suffers from a lack of moisture. This period occurs in every woman. Some people show signs of aging earlier, some later, some are more noticeable, some are less. It all depends on the way of life and care. If a woman has bad habits, has no idea how to eat properly and rationally, has improper skin care, especially in winter, or does not take care of her at all, naturally, the deterioration of the skin condition will visit her much earlier than the lady who takes care of herhealth and beauty.

As a consequence of aging: wrinkles, tissue stretching, sagging, discoloration.

But women of age should not panic, since modern medicine and cosmetology has reached the level when almost all aesthetic problems are solved. But, nevertheless, this is not a reason to forget about your skin before the formation of wrinkles. Any problem is easier and cheaper to prevent, to delay, than to solve.

In this article, we will look at the most effective methods to combat skin aging.

Causes of Aging

  1. Heredity;
  2. Deterioration of metabolism is poorly displayed on the skin;
  3. Environment;
  4. Influence of ultraviolet rays;
  5. Smoking;
  6. Alcohol;
  7. Taking medication;
  8. Diseases;
  9. Improper skin care;
  10. Poor quality cosmetics.
smoking as a cause of facial aging

Masks for rejuvenation

This is the most common and affordable way to rejuvenate facial skin. Women prefer this method because it is not difficult to use masks, and on the contrary, it is pleasant.

Masks can be made by yourself at home, or purchased at a beauty store. But masks from manufacturers, even the most famous ones, will not always turn out to be of high quality. And good and effective means are, of course, not very cheap. Therefore, a proven and win-win option is special cosmetology products prepared at home.

You can make your own “silver” toner to clean aging skin. To do this, you will need:

  • Silver jewelry several pieces.
  • Water 200 ml.

You need to place silver jewelry (it can be earrings, a ring or something else) in a container with water. With this tool, you need to wipe your face every day for 10 minutes. It cleans and tones perfectly. All thanks to silver ions, which give ordinary water cleansing and toning properties.

Keep toner in a cold room for no longer than a month.

silver jewelry for making face tonic

Roman mask, for which you will need:

  • Dried green peas 2 tbspl.
  • Flour 2 tbsp. l.
  • Whey 2 tbspl.

Thoroughly grind the dried peas until smooth. Then add the rest of the ingredients. Stir.

  1. Clean your face well;
  2. Apply to skin in a thin layer;
  3. Hold for 10-15 minutes;
  4. Remove with a cotton pad, which is pre-moistened with herbal decoction;
  5. Rinse your face (first with warm water, then with cool water for contrast).
  6. Apply every other day.
green peas in a rejuvenating face mask

Perfectly cleanses the skin and smoothes wrinkles.

Tightening threads

This is another facelift method without surgery. In cosmetology it is called "thread lifting".

  • This type of rejuvenation is very popular today, since it does not require rough surgery or the use of different devices.
  • For this procedure, use special threads (non-absorbable, slowly absorbable, absorbable and mixed). Threads are made from different materials (gold, platinum, teflon, etc. )
  • The advantages of such a lifting are also that after the procedure a long period of rehabilitation is not required.
  • Consequences and contraindications are insignificant.

This procedure is recommended when there are folds on the face, sagging or drooping parts of the skin (cheekbones, cheeks, eyebrows), double chin, clearly visible wrinkles.

Do not use this method:

  1. Pregnant;
  2. People with poor blood clotting;
  3. Diabetics;
  4. Allergy sufferers;
  5. Onko sick;
  6. People with herpes sores;
  7. Patients with chronic diseases;
  8. People with skin inflammation.
face after thread lifting for rejuvenation

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel anything. The threads are inserted under the skin with a special needle. There are no scars or traces left after. The skin is beautiful, toned. This method is applied not only to the face. Thus, the skin of the buttocks, and the abdomen and neck is stretched. The rehabilitation period after the procedure is minimal. You only need a few days to follow the simple recommendations of the doctor.

Oxygen rejuvenation

Previously, this rejuvenation and cleansing option was only available in beauty salons. Today any woman can afford oxygen.

As you know, skin aging occurs due to the deterioration of gas exchange in skin cells. The amount of moisture required is reduced, leading to dryness and aging. If the skin is sufficiently oxygenated, aging can be prevented, or even outwitted. How to do it? It is enough to use oxygen products: gels, tonics, masks, and so on. What is their secret?

Naturally, you will not be able to “please” the skin with oxygen in its present form. But this can be done with the help of cosmetic products, which include perfluorocarbons or aquaftem.

As soon as these substances begin to interact with the skin, they begin to actively capture oxygen from the environment, transporting it to the skin cells.

You will see the result after the first application of such a tool. But if you use them regularly, you will soon be pleasantly surprised by the reflection in the mirror.

oxygen for facial skin rejuvenation

You can buy an oxygen product both in a special store and prepare it yourself. To do this, you will need:

  • Oat flakes 2 tbspl.
  • Dried chamomile flowers 1 tbsp. l.
  • White clay 1 tbsp. l.
  • Peroxide (3%) 10 cap.

First stir the first 3 components. Add some warm water to make a thick mass. Add peroxide at the end. Stir everything thoroughly.

how to make chamomile flower face toner

Laser rejuvenation

Held in special cosmetic clinics. The procedure is not the cheapest, but it is considered one of the most effective. Previously, only plastic surgery was used to tighten and rejuvenate the facial skin. Laser intervention today makes it possible for women with a problem face to forget about surgery.

Laser regenerates skin by:

  • Face;
  • Hips;
  • Buttocks;
  • Neck;
  • Hands;
  • Belly.
indications for laser facial skin rejuvenation

Pros of this procedure:

  1. Painless;
  2. Takes a minimum of time;
  3. No side effects;
  4. The result is guaranteed;
  5. Long-term effect (about 6 years);
  6. Non-invasive;
  7. Impact on the subcutaneous layer, resuming collagen synthesis;
  8. Does not require a rehabilitation period.

Facial contour massage

According to the reviews of women who dealt with aging skin, we concluded that massage is another effective method. But we will pay special attention to massage according to Japanese methods, since the Japanese, like no one else, know a lot about this matter.

Special massage movements help to tighten the face contour, get rid of wrinkles, remove a double chin, renew blood circulation and other problems related to the skin of the face and body.

Japanese massage technique is effective. But this alone is not enough. If you want to get noticeable positive results, take this matter seriously. Or rather, massage regularly with the utmost effort and patience. After all, the Japanese have developed their own technique of execution and pressing force. If you are more specifically interested in this issue, we recommend reading about the special technique of Japanese massage in this article.

Japanese facial massage can be combined with other rejuvenation techniques. Then the result will be even more effective and you will achieve it faster.

contour facial massage as a way of rejuvenation


More specifically, this is the use of leeches. They treat many diseases, for example, they are very effective for varicose veins, and have a positive effect on skin rejuvenation. Sometimes, they are also called a special elixir of youth. Because the effect after the procedure, according to women using hirudotherapy, is amazing.

It's worth noting that the procedure is not very pleasant. Therefore, for those who are afraid and disgusted with such animals, the procedure may not work or they will not like it.

Entrust this procedure to a specialist.

If these bloodsuckers are improperly placed or handled, you can harm the body: the worm can spit bad blood back into the wound or leave its teeth there.

  • Only medicinal leeches are used for this procedure. Ordinary worms are not suitable in any case, they can only infect and lead to dire consequences.
  • Also, before hirudotherapy, the doctor must conduct a blood clotting test. If you have problems with this, this method is categorically contraindicated for you.
  • Only a specialist knows where to place slugs.
  • The use of the same leeches must be one-time only. Otherwise, infection may occur. Make sure that the worms are disposed of after the procedure. This speaks of the quality and responsibility of the doctor.
hirudotherapy as a method of facial skin rejuvenation

By choosing this method, you will notice that the skin of the face will become fresh, swelling will go away, the complexion will improve, wrinkles will become toned, inflammation will stop and disappear, and blood microcirculation will improve.

Facial Exercises

Exercise can be done not only when the problem of aging has already touched you. This is a great option for wrinkle prevention. There are some simple exercises that you can do every day with little effort, whether at home, or at work, or elsewhere. You will only spend a few minutes, the result will be priceless later. Do 3 facial movements:

# 1

Place the palm of your hand on your forehead. While pressing the skin, rotate your hand in a circle several times. Then, without relaxing the position of the hand, bring it to the top of the head. Then shake off your fingers. Repeat the movement several times. It helps to get rid of frontal wrinkles.

# 2

Place your thumbs on the bridge of the nose to remove creases between the eyebrows. Further, without pressing hard on the eyebrows, slide your fingers along the eyebrows, with light movements in different directions to the temples.

# 3

Place your index fingers on both sides of the nose, passing them to the sides of the ears. Do not apply too much pressure or stretch. Do the exercise several times.

Keep your fingers warm while doing these exercises. To do this, before starting, you can rub them against each other or on the palm of your hand. Movements should be fast and rhythmic.

ELOS - rejuvenation

This is a completely new method of dealing with visible skin imperfections, such as wrinkles, enlarged pores, papillomas, pigmentation, skin lesions.

The procedure is performed using radio waves. It does not cause pain at all, it is suitable for all women with any skin type. This technology is carried out only by a specialist. Only the doctor knows how and when to adjust the intensity of energy and light, in relation to the woman's skin type and skin condition. For maximum results and rejuvenation, you need to go through several sessions. But according to the reviews of women who have chosen this method of rejuvenation, it becomes clear that after the first procedure, the skin condition improves significantly.

Be sure to consult a doctor before this procedure. Since there are some contraindications and side effects. Take this rejuvenation method seriously so as not to worsen the condition of the skin, but to improve it.