Facial rejuvenation at home with natural masks

Homemade skin masks are an affordable and easy way to rejuvenate your face. An individual approach to the choice of masks helps to take into account the skin type and age category.

Humanity today does not have the means to stop the aging process. However, everyone can slow down the aging of the skin. Moreover, the best masks for rejuvenation can be easily prepared at home from available means.

how to rejuvenate facial skin with masks

When and how to use masks

Skin is an indicator not only of age, but also of the internal state of the body. Most diseases, hormonal imbalances, negative psycho-emotional atmosphere have a detrimental effect on the appearance of the skin. Smoking, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, lack of rest and sleep is reflected on the face by wrinkles, flabbiness.

The natural desire of almost every woman is to preserve youth. You don't have to visit SPA salons or use expensive cosmetics for this. Everything you need for facial skin can be found at home or in a pharmacy.

Masks made from gelatin, turmeric, honey, fruit or vegetable juices, and oils require regular use. At home, there are practically no obstacles for this. It is only important to choose the right ingredients for the mask in accordance with your skin type.

Preparation of the skin for the cosmetic procedure is essential. In order for natural ingredients to maximize their positive effect, the mask must be applied to previously cleansed skin. For this purpose, you can use special cleansers, lotions or tonics.

Skin type plays a leading role in the selection of mask components. For skin prone to dryness, it is better to use fatty oils, crushed oatmeal. Masks based on gelatin and yeast are suitable for oily and porous skin. Masks with honey, fruit, kefir and sour cream are equally well perceived by any skin type.

Mask Recipes

Using masks at home has several advantages. Natural ingredients for the recipe are selected independently. There are no preservatives, stabilizers, synthetic substances in the masks. All recipe ingredients are available and inexpensive.

recipes for gelatinous masks for facial skin rejuvenation

Gelatin for rejuvenation

The best homemade wrinkle correction masks are made with gelatin. The reason for this is the presence of collagen in the gelatin structure. Moreover, small molecules of "gelatinous" collagen are more easily and quickly perceived by the skin, in contrast to large structures from ready-made cosmetics. The loss of collagen by the skin leads to the formation of wrinkles.

For masks, gelatin is preliminarily dissolved in water (juice, milk) and heated. In the cooled solution, you can add puree from berries, fruits, as well as oat flour, activated carbon. Gelatin quickly reduces wrinkles, tightens pores, which improves skin condition.

Masks with honey

Beekeeping products are rich in biologically active substances that optimize metabolic processes at the cellular level. That is why masks with honey are popular. This product is ideal for eliminating age-related changes.

Along with honey, milk, kefir or sour cream, a chicken egg, lemon, fruit are added to the masks. It all depends on the type of skin and the absence of allergies to a particular component.

Turmeric for beauty

Turmeric masks have the ability to improve blood circulation through a warming effect. The mixture, to which the turmeric powder is added, is applied only in the evening so that slight redness disappears until the morning. Turmeric contains important vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on the rejuvenation process.

Turmeric powder improves the complexion, therefore it is suitable for pale skin with a gray tint. Turmeric often leaves marks on the face that can be easily removed with kefir, lemon juice or oatmeal.

effective fatty oils in masks for skin rejuvenation

Fatty oils

Fatty oils are popular ingredients in rejuvenation masks. Almond, peach, grape seed oil, jojoba perfectly nourish aging and dry skin. All oils contain vitamins A and E, which are essential for healthy skin.

Homemade cosmetics with amaranth oil are indispensable for the rejuvenation procedure. In addition to vitamins, it contains significant amounts of squalene (the basic component of the skin). Thanks to squalene, the skin absorbs oxygen well, remains hydrated, and inhibits the action of free radicals. Conditions that prevent aging are created.

Pharmacy mask products

Of the anti-aging products available over the counter, retinoid creams are the easiest and most effective to use. These are ready-made products that are easy to apply to the skin. Their effectiveness is high.

Means can be used as masks. The preparations should be on the skin from half an hour to two hours. A longer time of contact of drugs with the skin can lead to negative consequences in the form of allergies, irritation, itching.

Masking Tactics

There are some techniques and rules for using masks at home. Following simple tactics will allow you to get the maximum benefit for your facial skin. Previously, it is worth determining whether there is an allergic reaction to the components of the mask.

The use of masks is contraindicated for skin lesions, infectious diseases, the presence of warts and a large number of moles on the face. Visible blood vessels on the face are a limitation to the use of masks.

rules for using masks for facial skin rejuvenation

The optimal time to use masks is in the evening. It is better to give this procedure about half an hour. After applying the mask, it is recommended to lie down without being distracted by the TV or talking on the phone. It is good if the procedure is preceded by a shower, bath or steam bath for the face.

The mass is prepared for one application and applied to the skin with light movements using a special brush or with your fingertips. Avoid getting the mask on the area around the eyes and lips. Wash off the mask with warm or cool water, without applying excessive pressure or friction. After the procedure, a nourishing cream is applied to the skin.

It should be understood that masks made from natural ingredients are not capable of providing instant rejuvenation. The visible effect can be seen after a three-month course with the use of masks 1-2 times in 7 days.

However, masks are just a small tool for preserving beauty and youth. A really good effect can be obtained if you pay serious attention to your health, physical and emotional state, as well as get rid of bad habits. Full rest, sleep is a good addition to rejuvenation procedures.