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girl after facial skin rejuvenation

What girl does not dream of a magical remedy that can rejuvenate her face, which has already been touched by the first signs of aging? After all, staying always beautiful and desirable is very important for every woman, it gives her self-confidence and a sense of comfort. But, unfortunately, not all young ladies can include in their budget an item of expenses for visiting beauty salons. Well, this is not at all a reason for despair: you can take up facial rejuvenation at home and get great results! Today we will focus on how to return youth to the skin without leaving home, and what is needed for this.

The basics of the basics

But you need to start from the basics, without which a quick and noticeable effect, alas, will not work.

So, it is extremely important to observe the drinking regime, and these are not empty words. Lack of moisture in cells leads to early aging, to the appearance of wrinkles, to flabbiness and dryness of the skin, to a slowdown in natural processes in tissues. Therefore, any lady who wants not only to get, but also to keep a young face, should drink a lot of clean non-carbonated water every day, about one and a half liters per day. Sometimes it takes time and some effort to get used to it, but then the skin will thank its mistress with freshness, softness and a blooming appearance.

Attention:it is about water. Tea, even green and without sugar, coffee, fresh juices and other drinks will not replace it!

In addition, you need to try to monitor nutrition and exercise. If you can't lead a healthy lifestyle, you should at least limit the amount of sweet, spicy, fatty, fried and salty and be outdoors more often.

facial rejuvenation water

And, of course, it is advisable to give up bad habits, especially smoking, chronic lack of sleep, grimacing and sleeping with unwashed makeup. All this provokes a rapid aging of the skin and visually adds a few extra years.

Homemade masks and creams

Perhaps the most popular procedures that allow you to rejuvenate your face without much time and money are masks. They are great because they are made from affordable and natural ingredients, have many variations, and are easy to make at home.

However, there are some nuances here: not a single mask, even the most wonderful mask, will give a lasting effect if you use it just a couple of times. Regularity is needed in everything: you need to feed the skin constantly, two to three times a week.

In addition, after about every ten procedures, it is better to change the composition of the mask so that the skin does not get used to it and does not stop responding to it.

What folk remedies can give a woman a long-awaited rejuvenation? Here are some effective masks that can transform your skin.

apple for facial rejuvenation mask


Peel one small sweet apple and grate on a fine grater. Add to it raw yolk and a tablespoon of good butter, previously melted and mixed with liquid honey in the same amount. Apply to face, lie down for a quarter of an hour and wash.

This mask smoothes wrinkles, nourishes the skin and revitalizes its color.


Dilute a teaspoon of honey with the same amount of glycerin. Grind a little oatmeal without additives in a blender and add a teaspoon of the resulting oat flour to glycerin and honey. Pour in two tablespoons of water, mix thoroughly. Spread over the skin, rest for 20 minutes and wash.

This mask makes the skin firmer and smoother, restores its natural color.


Beat a little warm homemade milk with a fork with raw yolk. Add enough wheat flour until the mass becomes creamy. Spread on the face, leave for a quarter of an hour and wash with water slightly diluted with lemon juice.

Such a mask nourishes well, makes the skin smooth and matte, tightens it.


Mix together a few leaves of plantain, linden, strawberry, yarrow and currant. Chop them in a blender or chop very finely with a knife. Pour boiling water over four tablespoons of the herbal mix so that the water barely covers the leaves. Allow the mass to cool, squeeze out the grass slightly and apply to the skin. Wait 20 minutes, wash.

herbs for facial rejuvenation

This mask fortifies, refreshes and improves skin texture.

In addition, you can make a rejuvenating face cream with your own hands. Of course, the composition will be somewhat more complicated than that of the masks, but it is enough for several times. Such a remedy can be used with any type of skin, delaying its so unwanted withering. And for its preparation you will need:

  • beeswax;
  • pink water;
  • honey;
  • coconut oil, almond and shea;
  • essential oils.

Put two tablespoons of wax in a bowl and melt in a water bath. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon each of shea butter and almond butter. Separately mix a teaspoon of honey with the same amount of rose water and heat slightly.

Combine the still warm contents of both bowls and beat with a whisk or mixer until smooth. At the end, drip 3-4 drops of esters into the finished cream in accordance with the type of skin. For dry, it is better to take lavender, geranium or rosewood; for oily - lemon or grapefruit; for normal, an orange is suitable, and for mixed - neroli or mint.

herbal oils for facial rejuvenation

Such a nutritious vitamin cream should be used daily as a night cream, and then it will give its owner a quick rejuvenation. Naturally, there should be no allergy to any of its components.

Cleansing preparations

However, among the folk remedies for skin rejuvenation, there are not only creams and masks, but even milk or foam for washing, lotions or tonics for the face.

Here are some proven recipes.

Peeling Foam Cream

Mix a tablespoon of natural yogurt without additives with a teaspoon of almond oil and the same amount of honey. Pour in half a teaspoon of almonds crushed into flour and add half of the kiwi, peeled and mashed. Mix all ingredients well.

Cleansing milk

Introduce raw yolk into a glass of heavy cream, stir thoroughly. Mix a tablespoon of brandy with three tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, pour into the cream. This product is especially suitable for dry skin.

Scrub for oily skin

Mix three tablespoons of natural green tea with the same amount of unflavored oatmeal and pass the mixture through a coffee grinder. Store in a dry and tightly closed container. If necessary, take a little of the mixture, dilute with water and use to cleanse the skin, you can even wash off your makeup.

oatmeal for facial rejuvenation

Pink toner for dry skin

Pour a full tablespoon of fresh rose petals with a glass of hot water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat, cool and strain. Pour into a clean bottle with a cap and wipe your face morning and evening.

Mint lotion for problem skin

Pour a couple of tablespoons of fresh or dried mint with two cups of hot water, simmer over low heat for about a quarter of an hour and strain through cheesecloth. Pour in two tablespoons of calendula tincture, a spoonful of boric alcohol and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Store in a dark place.

Non-standard recipes

However, sometimes home rejuvenation is offered in rather interesting and unconventional variations.

For example, you can make a special wine for the beauty of your skin. To do this, take three tablespoons full of lavender and sage mixture and pour into a bottle with a liter of dry red wine. Keep in a cool, dark place, shaking the container from time to time. After two weeks, strain the wine and drink 30 g each morning and evening half an hour before meals. Of course, this method is not suitable for those ladies who drive.

In addition, the so-called information rejuvenation has recently become fashionable.

wheat germ for facial rejuvenation

Let's say the following procedure: on a new round mirror of such a diameter that the whole face is clearly visible, evenly lay out the sprouted wheat grains. Then you need to bend over them, close your eyes and sit like this for about a quarter of an hour, dreaming about something pleasant or listening to soulful music. It is believed that young sprouts, directing their energy upward, rejuvenate the skin, making it smoother, softer and fresher.

Sleep rejuvenation is also popular. To try this procedure on yourself, you need to find a good photo of your youth and look at it at night, imagining yourself again young and beautiful. After that, you can safely go to bed. You need to repeat self-hypnosis sessions every evening for three months. Those who have practiced such a technique claim that not only the face is visibly rejuvenated, but also the internal organs begin to function much better, vigor and energy are added.

We wish you to find that way to preserve youth, which suits you one hundred percent. Don't be afraid to experiment and be beautiful!