How to do a facial massage for rejuvenation?

During any massage increases blood flow to the skin, allowing its cells accelerated metabolism and they start to get more nutrients. This increases the production of collagen and elastin.

Facial massage for rejuvenation1

As a result, the surface of the skin appear visible changes:

  • Improving its color.
  • Disappear swelling, redness, and acne.
  • Increases the tone.
  • Wrinkles are smoothed.

In addition, muscle tissue is strengthened, so that the contour of the face becomes clear.

General rules for facial massage for rejuvenation

To make the skin toned, fresh and radiant helps only a professional massage performed according to the rules. This service is provided by many beauty salons, but visiting them can not every woman.

But to understand all the secrets of anti-aging facial massage are quite capable of any representative of the beautiful half.

It is enough to memorize a few important rules.

  • Procedure must be performed in accordance with the lines of movement of lymph, which are:
    1. The middle of the chin up to the ears.
    2. From the center of the face between the lower lip and the chin up towards the ears.
    3. From the mid-labial groove up the center of the temples.
    4. From the corners of the lips to the auditory passages.
    5. From the area between the eyebrows to the temples at the point where the line of the eyebrows.
    6. On the lower eyelids from the outer corner to the inner eye.
    7. At the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.
  • Massage moving from one line to another, you need to press your fingertips on your temples.
  • To any massage of the face and neck to rejuvenate the must prepare. This should be done on the face of the hot compress with a decoction of herbs for half an hour before the procedure to muscles to warm up.
  • During the massage can not be too hard to stretch the leather, especially the need to act gently on the eyelids.
  • Before the procedure, the skin needs to apply a special cream, and even better to use for this purpose cosmetic oil.
  • To do this procedure regularly, the sessions for 10-15 minutes. The best time to rejuvenate the skin with massage courses for 10 days, making between them breaks for a few weeks.

Facial massage for toning and rejuvenation of the skin should only be done with clean, well washed hands.

There are many kinds of anti-aging massage. Each of them gives a remarkable result.

Acupressure facial rejuvenation

This procedure is the main secret of beauty of women living in Japan. Massage technique lies in the following points:

  1. The warm up. Before the massage, it is important to warm up skin with the palms and perform a little exercises: twist the head in different directions, so make the cheeks while shaking, humming the sound "a"; fold the lips into a tube, then to open your mouth as widely as possible, to repeat the procedure several times.
  2. You should then find on the face of certain points and to put pressure on them. These points are:
    • in the bone hole, which is an inch below the top of the cheekbones;
    • on the last row of the lower jaw;
    • on the upper extreme of the line of sockets;
    • in between the eyebrows part;
    • on the sides of the nose, on his bony holes under the nostrils.

    Chinese facial massage for rejuvenation

    In China there have been many massage techniques. The most famous among them are the technique to massage the face silver or Nickel silver teaspoons.

    For this procedure, you must also prepare olive oil and chamomile broth. The broth should be poured into two containers, one of which he will be cold, the second hot.

    After preparing the skin for the procedure, you can perform the facial massage for rejuvenation:

    1. To keep both spoons in a cold broth, take them out and attach to the bottom first, then to the upper eyelid for a few seconds.
    2. Warm a spoon in hot broth, dip them in the oil to attach to the eyebrow and hold in circular movements to the temple area.
    3. Again hold a spoon in a warm broth and spread them with oil, hold them from the base of the neck to the chin.
    4. Warm spoons to knock on the nose the lips the folds for a few seconds.
    5. Heated spoons, oiled, massage all problem areas of the face, moving first from left to right, and then in the opposite direction.
    6. Lower the spoon to cool the broth, repeat the massage movements to the previous exercise.

    All of these complexes movement of this rejuvenating massage for the face need to be repeated 10 times.

    Facial massage for rejuvenation2

    In addition to exercise with spoons, there is another very interesting method of Chinese rejuvenating facial massage. It is good that for its implementation does not require any auxiliary tools.

    Is this massage:

    1. Folded in the form of boats palm pressed to face to blink eyes, while rotating your eyes in a circle.
    2. Apply to the eyes the base of the palms and do some careful pressing movements.
    3. Apply to the inner corners of the eyes, thumbs and a little pressure on these points.
    4. Using one finger to perform a light circular massage of the septum in the nose between the nostrils, then stroking movements to massage the wings of the nose, going from top to bottom.
    5. Fingertips tap on the cheeks, alternating between intense and slower traffic.
    6. Pulling forward the chin and covering the upper lip, lower pressure movements of the fingertips to massage the area under the chin.
    7. Middle fingers to perform the massage of the ears, moving in a circle from top to bottom.
    8. Spread to the sides and hold them as a comb over the scalp from the hairline above his forehead to nape. RUB the skin of the neck.

    All of the described exercises should be performed 10 times.

    Facial massage for rejuvenation3

    Any of the existing techniques in the world of anti-aging facial massage in their own interest. Which one to choose – each woman decides. With confidence we can say only one thing: massage course for rejuvenation and facial beauty will bring no less profit than expensive cosmetic procedures. It's saying all women who have done a massage of the face must point in self care.